$POZ Tokenomics
Describing the utility and value-creation of the $POZ token as well as supply & distribution.
Pozzle Planets's Tokenomics are set out to ensure transparency and understanding of the basic principles behind the supply and demand characteristics of the $POZ token.
This page is meant to outline the foundational structure, from which the community can iterate together via the Pozzle Guild to best achieve a high level of trust, value and sustainability during the Pre-season.

$POZ Utility

$POZ is a community token that can be earned and used inside the Pozzle Planet game-app, as well as held or exchanged via your crypto Wallet.
The purpose of the $POZ token is for incentivizing and rewarding the Pozzle Planet community members for contributing to the growth and impact of Pozzle $Planet and the PozzleVerse. Holders of $POZ tokens can get extra benefits in-game such as exclusive and early access to Pozzle Planets and unique NFTs, as well as further financial rewards through staking opportunities.

$POZ = Crypto for the Planet 🌱

$POZ will link real-life actions with people who want to incentivise you to take those actions - and those actions can be individuals, councils, companies, anyone and everyone who can "stake" assets and convert them into $POZ in order to incentivise Pozzlers who will drive real action on this planet.

How will $POZ have value?

$POZ will be the native currency of all in-game transactions, creating a natural demand for POZ given that utility within the game is tied to it. For example, uses such as spending via the Pozzle marketplace for NFTs created in-game and within the ecosystem, as well as a means of buying tickets to visit and participate in the building of Pozzle Planets in the Pozzleverse, will be made in $POZ as the primary cryptocurrency.
POZ token demand and circulation driven by the Pozzle Planet App

#POZpledging: A way to incentivise community to do the action you care about

$POZ will have value because we will create a market where on one hand we have people who are buying $POZ in order to pledge $POZ in the game.
Imagine "I'm coca cola I will pledge 10 POZ if you pick up six cans" (not a great example we don't like coca cola at all), or "I'm Beyonce and I think you should all start the day dancing for mental health, show me your moves and I will stake 1k $POZ". When those players buy $POZ with ETH or MATIC then we create demand for $POZ and then $POZ automatically becomes valuable.
$POZ is an overarching tool to link POZitivity on Earth in a tangible visible digital universe, and we create it as a universe because we believe that Earth is part of the universe.

Powering a crypto-economy built on real actions

We will create demand for $POZ because we believe there will be parties, individual or organizations, who will want to see more POZitivity in the world and are willing to reward Pozzlers for creating that!
The full extent of the $POZ token is to be further expanded by the community within the Pre-season, focusing on re-imagining the relationships amongst organizations, brands, citizens , and sustainable actions.

Supply & Circulation

There will only ever be 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) $POZ tokens in aggregate, which have been minted as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. $POZ token supply will go into circulation and become accessible over the course of 5 years. Distribution of supply will occur in multiple phases scheduled at different dates for community programs and rewards incentives.

Token Distribution

The main focus of the Token Distribution is incentivising our pioneering 'impact-to-earn' model, which is a spin on the emerging 'play-to-earn' which pegs the earning incentives to real-life impact made through individuals actions in a game-like context.
In addition, the Build-to-Earn incentives are a major focus in order to expand the Pozzleverse eco-system through as many formats, channels and contributions as possible, which correspondingly increases our positive impact to people and planet.
POZ Token Distribution
The $POZ token will be distributed to the following areas in support of the growth of the Pozzle Planet ecosystem:
  • Impact-to-Earn: rewards for in-app/in-game activities that make a positive impact
  • Build-to-Earn: incentives for those building the PozzleVerse including areas such as development, design, art, creative and community growth
  • Treasury: Used to increase economic value of the token and create further rewards (e.g. Staking) for the community, as well as providing stability
  • Fundraising: private and public token sales as well as private/investor token sales to fund operations and expansion
  • Founding team: the founders are the core participants of the pre-DAO and administrators of the token/protocol until the community is strong enough to sufficiently decentralize in the future
πŸ“ˆ Buyback Burn: There may be occasions where the Pozzle Planet treasury may purchase $POZ tokens and burn them to support the asset price.

Token Supply in Circulation

Tokens are put into circulation after lockup periods and according to vesting schedules, as well as community distribution programs (incentives & rewards).
Estimated token supply in circulation over time
It's good to keep in mind that the more the already distributed tokens are used, the more valuable the reserved ones become, so it's in each project member's best interest to create a successful project that has many users, increasing the value of their tokens in the process.

Vesting and Lock-up Periods

Vesting helps keep the power centralized until the community is strong enough to be decentralized. Especially in the early stages, when rewarding a community through tokens, we believe it's better that the core team manages the token supply and transactions in order to have a firmer grasp of the token prices and be able to build a strong and sustainable community early on.
Having said that, we have opened a 'Treasury & DeFi' stream in the Pozzle Guild welcoming all specialist contributions to support maximising the value of the token overall and in the community's best interests. Furthermore, we are prototyping our first
Once a sufficient level of stability is achieved by trust in the $POZ token and it's underlying assets (platform + community), treasury management and token pricing, we indeed plan to gradually decentralize the voting power and the governance of the project's tokenomics to Pozzle Planet DAO.
The following will give a brief overview of the vesting and lockup principles for main areas of token distribution.


  • Rewards for in-app/in-game activities that make a positive impact airdropped on a continuous basis with no lockup or vesting periods
  • Distributed to the community members through various community programs to be launched in later dates - with no lockup or vesting periods .
Impact-to-Earn: Tokens in circulation (approximate)
Excess tokens that do not get distributed, will be reserved and then used for future programs until no more tokens are left to be distributed. The treasury may buy back tokens in the future.


Incentives for those building the PozzleVerse including areas such as development, design, art, creative and community growth.
Build-to-earn incentives will be distributed to guild members and to active community through various community programs to be launched at later dates. Tracking and rewarding Build-to-Earn incentives will be transparently managed through the Pozzle Guild.
Build to Earn will be distributed at approximately 40,000,000 per year, with an estimated 50% of supply going to development and 50% going to growth (design, art, creative, community growth).
First year incentives will include, not limited to:
  • Acquisition (new members / players / recruitment) - incl. referral incentive
  • Conversion (rewards for first actions & onboarding)
  • Engagement & retention:
    • Task rewards: rewards when tasks are completed
    • Bounties/bonuses for teams, comps or mission Completions: rewards whenever a person or team wins, or completes a mission
    • Level-up rewards: rewards for advancing based on reputation or achievements
    • Random and seasonal rewards: various "campaign" style rewards
    • Loyalty rewards
  • Guild contribution & DAO management


The Treasury will hold 20% of the total token allocation with no lock up period and no vesting condition.
The Treasury will be distributing token rewards to token holders. The intention is also to create staking opportunities for earning further rewards from the network as an APY (Annual Percentage Yield). This is where we will introduce staking vaults for Pozzlers to receive the rewards directly through smart contracts into their accounts.
The Treasury may also adjust token circulation, distributions and allocations within the buckets for Impact-to-Earn, Build-to-Earn and Fundraising, on an as-needs basis if it is required to support & incentivise community participation and growth of the PozzleVerse.

Fundraising (Token Sales)

We will be listing the token on selected decentralised exchanges to facilitate public token sales as well as private/investor token sales to fund operations and expansion.
Any incoming funds (in fiat, ETH or other crypto) will be managed by the Treasury. We will also be launching a liquidity program during the Pre-season to support our token listing.
There will be certain conditions that will be attached to token sales, for example:
Treasury Diversification: when allowing community members to claim a token in exchange for some other tokens such as Ethereum, it can be useful to vest the tokens to ensure the long-term commitment of the new investors. It will limit the volatility of the Token for a certain period. It creates a fair process that rewards purchasers who support the project at launch and do so throughout the project's lifecycle by holding or utilizing the Token.
Crowdfunding: instead of receiving a total share of their tokens after the crowdfunding, the team members receive tokens after regularly scheduled vesting periods determined by the project founders. This way, alone unscrupulous team members can't run off with tokens without contributing to the project.
Investors: vesting according to terms of sales. For example:
  • Seed Investors with 2 yr lockup and 1 yr linear vest
  • Series A Tranche A Investors with 2 yr lockup and 3 yr linear vest
  • Series B Tranche B Investors with a 1 yr lockup and 2 yr linear vest
Public sales: subject to terms of the specific campaign or the exchange platforms.
We aim to limit the risk that few entities control a large proportion of the project's tokens. It prevents the small group of people present when the supply has been minted to create supply fluctuations that can be ultimately damaging to $POZ ecosystem and price.
Any excess tokens are rolled back into Treasury.

Founding team

Vesting shows that the team is highly interested in the project - Locking tokens ensure investors that the team has the best intention and maintain a long-term vision for the project, incentivizing them to continue working on the project development.
Members of the Founding Team will have a 2 year lock-up period from 1st October 2021, with subsequent linear vesting over 2 years thereafter. The Founding Team are fiercely committed to facilitating the mission and vision of the Pozzle Planet.


Sustainable and continual increase of utility, value, price and impact of the POZ token is our goal. The demand we create for $POZ through the Pozzle Planet app will be central to this, however as we move beyond launch of the Pozzle Planet app we will also be expanding the reach of the Pozzleverse, creating further utility for the token for example in our POZpay concept with participating merchants that fall under our trusted brand qualification.
Please see our Roadmap section for further details.
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