$POZ Token Impact Model
Compounding the impact and value of the POZ token by combining activities via the Pozzle Planet app together with impact-yields and impact-assets from ReFi/DeFi (Regenerative Finance).

πŸ’± Token Model Concept

POZ is a token to motivate, incentivise and reward individuals to do small actions via the Pozzle Planet app that collectively add up to a positive impact. A major driver of the demand side of POZ comes from the Pozzle Planet app:
What if we could multiply overall impact of POZ by aligning it with other impact-oriented tokens and DeFi/ReFi projects? Imagine if each time a person took an action on the app, then correspondingly putting a POZ token into circulation that would bring with it another "token friend" or some other impact-based unit could be moved in a certain way via a protocol. This we consider as a "passive" impact aspect of the POZ token. Thereby POZ becomes a multi-pronged impact mechanism:
'Token friends' concept
POZ is a multi-pronged impact mechanism, with active and passive 'impact-yields' generated through actions in the Pozzleverse and interactions/transactions with token friends in DeFi/ReFi.
The utility of POZ and the impact-2-earn activities in the Pozzleverse are an 'active' driver for POZ value & impact. At the same time, we would like to align (peg/bridge/bond) the circulation and distribution of POZ via protocol or smart contracts with other impact-focused 'token friends'. This would have the intended effect of increasing the value & impact of the token friend, at the same time the Pozzle Treasury is gaining yields and/or assets.
Interlinking and increasing demand for both POZ and impact-based 'token friends' via the Pozzle Planet protocol
We intend for Pozzle Planet to sit embedded in the web 3 ecosystem of impact and have interplay with other impact DAOs and tokens to amplify impact.
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