Treasury Management
Pozzle Planet's Treasury is structured with a focus on economic value and long-term sustainbility as well as ensuring that all assets are transparently held and remain compliant under related Pozzle Planet LLC status.
This page is meant to set up the foundational structure from which the Founding Team and PP Guild, during the Pre-season, can together build a roadmap on how best to achieve Pozzle Planet's objectives, token value and economic sustainability.

Funds Management

The Pozzle Planet Treasury will hold all of the revenues and funds raised from the private and public sales of $POZ tokens and NFTs within the Pozzle Planet ecosystem, including sales royalties, as well as creating opportunities for staking POZ, and provide liquidity to the $POZ token via setting up liquidity pools.
We plan that additional funds will be accumulated and redirected to the Treasury through commissions on in-app/platform Token sales, trading and reselling of digital assets (NFTs).
Our goal is that the Treasury becomes like an endowment structure that will allow for long-term and stable development of the Pozzle Planet app and ecosystem, whilst also ensuring that there are sufficient funds for operation and deployment in varying market conditions and over both the short and long term.

The Treasury enables the Pozzle Planet to:

  1. 1.
    Hold, grow and distribute funds to the Pozzle Planet app/platform, team, contributors and community
  2. 2.
    Fuel the growth of the Pozzle Planet ecosystem and Pozzleverse by supporting internal projects, activations, events, and more
Early on, the Founding Team will manage the Treasury and have full governance over the token distribution across all areas, until such time as sufficient decentralization has occurred and Pozzle Planet has been transitioned into DAO state.
The Pozzle Planet treasury will be managed via incoprating tools like Coordinape, Llama, Snapshot, Parcel and Gnosis. All treasury tokens will be transferred based on the Pozzle Planet teams and PP Guild proposals, with future ambitions to move to an on-chain DAO.
In the first seasons, Treasury tokens are managed at the discretion of the Founding Team who are the core operators of the Treasury initially, and may be allocated to any and all programs that add value to the ecosystem.

Future: Treasury Committee & Budgeting

Once Pozzle Planets community has grown significantly, and most major processes are in place, we plan to establish a Treasury Committee governed by Pozzle Planet DAO. This committee will be responsible for suggesting measures and proposals that will grow the Treasury, while also sufficiently protecting Pozzle Planet from outsized risk.
This Treasury Committee will be vetted by the Pozzle Planet team and may also be elected by members Pozzle Planet community at large. As the Treasury further decentralises to a DAO, the Pozzle Planet team will also remain transparent and submit annual budgeting to both the Committee and the community related to the Pozzle Planet's operating budget.
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