Leveraging NFTs
NFTs are central to the value-creation in the Pozzle Planet app. In addition, the Pozzle Guild will also produce "outside-app" branded NFT collections and collabs, that will have utility beyond sales.

NFTs as a value-sharing mechanism

Beyond the obvious and growing market for NFT sales, NFTs as a 'tech' and as a cultural artifact are proving to also be an exceptionally powerful tool for unifying communities as well as fundraising and other economic or value-based outputs.
Pozzle Planet intends to use the NFT technology to be highly innovative when it comes to both creating and distributing value with our community.
Pozzle Planet's flagship NFT collection: Pozzle Pilots on Opensea
The Pozzle Planet ecosystem will initially leverage NFTs in 3 ways:
  1. 1.
    Pre-Season: Pozzle Planet NFT collections with utility and economics created by the Pozzle Guild and through collaborations, used for fundraising & community engagement
  2. 2.
    App: Pozzle NFTs generated "in-game" inside the Pozzle Planet app​
  3. 3.
    Web: Pozzle Marketplace for trading and purchasing NFTs with $POZ​
Producing NFTs that grow the community and expand the Pozzleverse is a big aspect of the Pozzle Planet Guild. We are working on onboarding digital designers and creators to help produce digital art that we can utilise as NFTs for various rewards and additional crypto-income streams for the members and our decentralised community wallets, as well as the overall Pozzle Treasury.

NFT-gated Community Wallets as sandbox for Treasury DAO

Our flagship NFT series, the Pozzle Pilots, are the first rollout of our Community Wallet concept. The Community Wallet accrues funds from the sales of NFTs, with either a pre-defined funds distribution rules, or some community voting power which activates after a certain milestone is reached. We are introducing this model to create shared-incentive within the community via an NFT series. Prior to the launch of the Pozzle Planet app, it is also our first significant decentralisation sandbox and value-distribution concept, where we hope to demonstrate our commitment to distributed value.
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