Carbon Footprint
Pozzle Planet exists to combat climate change and address the root problems that are causing it. Hence, we care about this topic deeply, and are making deliberate decisions as we become established to not only be mindful of carbon footprint implications of our operations, but actively take a stand against unnecessary energy use or use of non-renewable sources. We have recently published an article about how we feel about it on our blog "Crypto x Sustainbility: A love that is not impossible."
We have certain community-based activities that use the blockchain (and hence have energy use) in our Pre-season, and then we also have an additional usage profile when the Pozzle Planet app goes live.

First moves: use Polygon blockchain

Policy 1: POZ token bridged to Polygon and distributed via Polygon

First step, which we have already implemented, is to use Polygon blockchain for its significantly lower carbon footprint vs. Ethereum. We minted the $POZ token on Ethereum and have bridged the first 20 million tokens to Polygon and are using Polygon to distribute tokens to Wallets.

Policy 2: NFTs are minted on Polygon

We are very proud to have minted our flagship NFT series on Polygon, and to be brave enough to forgo the "OG value" which comes with pricing NFTs in pure ETH. We are using OpenSea which has a "PETH" solution which allows you to convert ETH to Polygon in a once-off transaction and then spend "gas-free" thereafter by using Polygon (no fees and also way less literal gas use).
We will continue to use Polygon to the maximum extent for all community activities until such time as an even better network solution comes about with even lower carbon footprint whilst also facilitating the utility of our token in an effective way.

Energy use of the Pozzle Planet app

We’re building our app with plans to have millions of users, and with this, comes a few initial energy-intensive ways that we´ll be interacting with blockchain(s) and hence partaking in its energy consumption, which are:
  • Transferring our $POZ coin to other blockchain addresses for different usages, for example our impact-to-earn program, where our community earns $POZ by making an impact through the activities that they contribute to the platform
  • Connecting our app users to their blockchain-based “wallet” so that they can redeem and spend our $POZ coin
These types of usages will generate CO2, so as an app with a vision of Prosperity for the Planet (including addressing climate change & environmental conservation), we need to make sure we’re not wrecking the planet that we’re trying to protect at the same time.

Aim: Carbon negative and actively displacing carbon

We have a four step plan for eliminating carbon from Pozzle Planet token, our platform and operations. Furthermore, beyond that we also aim to be part of the solution which actually displaces carbon-emitting energy consumption by incentivising green energy use on our network.

1. Measure and offset the CO2 footprint of our blockchain addresses

Of course we know offset can be a dirty word but doing it as the first step doesn’t make things worse. As long as its not used as your excuse to do nothing further.
Pozzle Planet Treasury has purchased 10 BCT tokens thus far
Pozzle Planet's Ethereum wallet address CO2 footprint as of 21st October 2021 (visit

2. Network & blockchain diversification

We have already bridged 20million $POZ tokens to the Polygon chain! We are currently using Polygon for all of our first airdrops to community members who are already earning $POZ in our pre-season activities. We´ll keep shifting to the greenest chains as they go online.

3. Minimizing inefficient and unnecessary transactions

We aim to design our app in such a way that only uses the blockchain when its absolutely necessary. That means no pointless transactions. For example we´ll manage a ´ghost´ pool of $POZ in-app, so users can earn and spend without actually transacting on the blockchain or creating significant energy us. We will only ´validate´ $POZ to their blockchain wallets on-demand or on bulk-cycles. Another cool trick is to only mint the NFTs when you absolutely have to, like at the point of sale…we´ll use all the smarts to avoid unnecessary energy use.
4. Making the chain green
In the (not-so-distant) future, we want a green peer-to-peer network. Imagine if we could incentivise people with our tokens to contribute their certified green energy-based computer juice to the Pozzle Planet network. Imagine the other amazing tokens that also believe in blockchain for a better world, that $POZ could become friends with to make this happen (Solarcoin is a cool example).
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