Vision & Mission
We are on a mission to make $POZ a meaningful crypto that increases the value of good actions over bad, and bring prosperity for planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

Prosperity for the Planet

We are Pozzle Planet, a place where real-world change and the online universe meet.
Together, we're creating the Pozzleverse a digital space connected to IRL that encourages and nurtures mutual collaboration, prosperity, and regeneratively serves the needs of both people πŸ‘©πŸΎ and planet 🌍.
$POZ, our community token and native cryptocurrency, powers the creation of the PozzleVerse and through that, brings Prosperity to Planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

The more action you take ⚑ = the more Pozzles you create β˜„οΈ = the more $POZ you make πŸ‘›

$POZ is a crypto with an impact beyond currency. Through the Pozzle Planet game app, $POZ gives value to everyday activities by everyday people that make our (real) world a better place. Any activity that can have a real-life positive impact on a moment, a day, a life, the planet, or the world around us, is rewarded with $POZ. We call this our impact-to-earn model, which has the vast potential to give meaningful income to anyone making a positive impact through Pozzle Planet.
Pozzle $Planet is a global community that knows that one small action leads to another. We believe in the collective power of all of us to accelerate the sustainability revolution, and we aim to use optimism and kindness to inspire millions of people to do tiny actions that collectively add up to a huge impact.
By 2025, we aim to ignite and enable billions of small positive actions that contribute to reversing the detrimental trends and put us on track to accelerate the flourishing and prosperity of everyone, people and planet.

Changing the planet by creating others

Pozzle Planet enables us to create fantastical and desirable digital planets, by doing small positive activities together on Planet Earth.
We’re building Pozzle Planet to be the shiny digital world built by taking action in the real world. Any activity that can have a real-life positive impact on a moment, a day, a life, the planet, or the world around us, is rewarded with $POZ and adds to the creation of the Pozzleverse.
On the Pozzle Planet app, each time you join a real-life activity via video, a Pozzle piece is added to a Pozzle Planet. The more Pozzles the community adds, the bigger and more interesting the Pozzleverse becomes. As the Pozzleverse grows so does the corresponding positive impact here on Planet Earth.
So, your Pozzles are pieces of a larger collective impact. The more Pozzle Planets we create, the more we are changing Planet Earth for the better.


Imagine a Pozzleverse that grows through POZitive impact on Planet Earth.
An ever-expanding digital world built by good actions in the real world. The Pozzleverse is a universe of people and positive activities. Its existence if based on an alien mineral called $POZ, which is the driving force behind the Pozzleverse's first Law of POZitivity - do things that make a positive impact. Positive actions and activities will attract more POZitivity and be rewarded with $POZ.
Our north star is individual actions to create change, so we are creating this utopian digital world that grows with every positive action taken in the real world, in order to both inspire individual and collective actions that make the (real) world better in a fun way, but also to provide real economic opportunity for all those who desire to do good in the (real) world.
The Pozzleverse will over time transition to become its own Metaverse and even reach into other Metaverses. The Pozzleverse will be powered by $POZ which makes it a Metaverse inherently based on incentivising good over bad actions and hence is a digital space that can have positive impact and effects on the real-world, planet Earth and all its people in parallel.
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