Meet the Founding Team and core team members of Pozzle Planet.
Yep we're human and we have dedicated our lives to helping solve systemic societal issues and climate change. Our founders have a combined 25+ years of experience working in sustainability with backgrounds in engineering, sociology, renewable energy, social finance, business development, fundraising, design and creative industry.
Pozzle Planet - Core Team
We onboarded a new CTO in 2021, and the current core team prior to that has worked together since 2020, and previously launched Pozzle Planet's predecessor, the Impactr app (short-form video social/social commerce), taking it from market research to MVP launch in the winter of 2020, and completing a successful private beta with 400+ beta testers across 5 months in 2021.
If you would like to speak with our team, you can interact with us on Discord, or more directly please feel free to contact Thomas B via Twitter, LinkedIn or email: [email protected]
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