Pre-Season goals include 2500 wallets holding $POZ, token listing and offering / pre-sale. Launch of the Pozzle Planet app and then increasing the value of $POZ through Pozzle Marketplace, smart cont
We are currently in our Pre-Season, which means an early stage of Pozzle Planet where we are running initiatives that lead up to the full launch of the Pozzle Planet app to App Store and Google Play in early 2022.


We have recently completed our Hello World and initially drop to community of POZ, as well as launched our Starter Packs for newcomers to Pozzle Planet.
Pre-Season Timeline & Milestones
Currently our focus is developing the Pozzle Planet App for launch to App Store and Google Play in Q1 2022, as well as establishing the Pozzle Guild.

Pre-Season Goal: 2500 wallets holding POZ

In parallel, we are also growing our community through POZ and NFT incentives, with a target to have 2,500 wallets holding POZ as we approach the launch of our App. Achieving this initial target will support our token listing on selected exchanges and provide proof of traction for token sales and fundraising.
We will list the token prior to the launch of the Pozzle Planet app in order to make $POZ available for purchase. There will be demand $POZ in the Pozzle Planet app, beyond the ability to earn it, because $POZ is the native spending currency used for several features in the app such as purchasing tickets to Pozzle Planets.

Roadmap 2022

During Q1-2022, prior to the launch of the Pozzle Planet app we will also be focused on fundraising through a token offering and token pre-sales. If you would like to express your interest in our token offering and pre-sale, please register here and we will be in touch.
Key milestones

Pozzle Marketplace

After the launch of the Pozzle Planet app, we will be implementing Pozzle Marketplace, a web-based marketplace for trading NFTs generated in the Pozzleverse.

Blockchain further integration and smart contracts

Beyond that we will be looking to further advance our platform into the blockchain space whilst at the same time working on smart contracts for governing aspects of the DAO and the value-distribution.

'Token Friends' and token-backing

With so many wonderful new tokenised organisations emerging with cause-based and purposeful missions, we believe that a "Token Friends" concept is an exciting way to accelerate the overall impact of our combined entities, as well as increase value not only from a potential collateral standpoint, but also from expanding reach and utility of the Token Friends pairs.
For example, we really like Solarcoin, its a great token to incentivise everyday people installing solar power on their homes which creates a more and more distributed green-energy network. We would love $POZ to be friends with Solarcoin to create an additional token incentive or rewards for holding the pair. Especially for Pozzle Planet as we move to a decentralised P2P network for our video-streaming in the future, we want the bandwidth that is being contributed to the network to be green, or 'sunny' in this case. This in a way can tie POZ to a tangible asset such as renewable energy certificates.
With token friends there are so many opportunities to be greater than the sum of our parts.

POZpay with trusted sustainable brands

As the Pozzleverse expands we also intend it to become "Token Friends" with other cause-based and impact-based tokens to compound value-add and impact for our community. In addition, the Pozzleverse will extend its reach further into the real-world via "POZpay" where people will be able to pay with POZ or redeem POZ with purchases at selected merchants that fall within our trusted brands category (social impact and sustainability in the DNA).
Hence POZpay becomes an easy identifier for community and consumers world-wide to identify a trusted brand...if you can pay with POZpay then its good for the world!
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