Pozzle Planet App
How the Pozzle Planet game-app works from a player perspective.
Pozzle Planet is an impact-to-earn social game where players & friends join activities via video that make a real-life impact here on Planet Earth, whilst at the same time earning $POZ tokens and generating a PozzleVerse full of unique NFTs called Pozzles.

How does the game work?

🪐 The more action you take, the more impact you create, the more $POZ you make
Pozzle Planet is a social game-app for iOS & Android with video-streaming of short-form user-generated videos (10-seconds or less). Players find activities to join via the Explore page, which is the main page and ´feed´ of the first App version. You join an activity by adding a 10 second video-reply.
Pozzleverse Explore: Pan the map to discover Pozzle Planets and join activities via video
To get started, download the Pozzle Planet app (when it launches soon..), explore the Pozzle Map and then join one of the activities that other people are doing around Planet Earth via short videos.
To join an activity, you simply add a 10 second video-reply of you doing the same action as the other players. Each time you post your video-reply, you will earn $POZ tokens. These $POZ tokens enable you to buy tickets to travel from Planet Earth to new Pozzle Planets where you can join other activities and earn % shares of the Pozzle Planet NFTs.

What are Pozzle Planets?

🪐 Changing the planet by creating others
Pozzle Planets = are ‘destination’ Planets in the PozzleVerse that are created by doing positive actions (individual or together) in the real world that are shared via short-form videos. These planets grow in value as they become unique NFTs created by the community.
A new Pozzle Planet is spawned once an activity gets ‘popular’ (enough Pozzles) on Planet Earth, and then all users who contributed to that activity get a free pass to the new Pozzle Planet, as well as initial ownership of a share of the Pozzle Planet NFT.
Joining activities on Pozzle Planets is like "Pozzle-making" where adding a video of you doing the activity is the same as adding your piece to the Pozzle.
When a new Pozzle Planet is created, it has limited space before all the Pozzles are added to complete the NFT, so it becomes a race to fill up the Pozzle Planet with your own video-Pozzles by doing your favourite activities on that Pozzle Planet, so you can earn as large a possible share of that Pozzle Planet before it is full.

How do I win?

Each Pozzle Planet has limited space so getting to the Planet early gives you the chance to secure as many Pozzles on that planet as possible before it reaches capacity.
As you earn more $POZ tokens by doing a lot of activities, you will have more access to new Pozzle Planets where you can join new and exciting activities, and of course, earn more pieces of the Pozzle Planets. The more Pozzle Planets you travel to, the more stamps you get in your Pozzle Passport.
'Pozzlers' (players) with the biggest 'pozzle-effect' (like a ripple effect) who do a lot of activities themselves and can also inspire others to join the activities with them, will be the most successful players on Pozzle Planet.
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