Our Why
We are now unfolding a revolutionary opportunity to interlink individual benefit with collective benefit to positively impact core issues in sustainability, inequalities and climate change.
Our planet is borrowed and not owned. It is borrowed from the countless souls before you and the countless unborn that are to come. Unfortunately, in its present state the condition we will be giving back our planet is looking less and less by each day passing.
So called 'progress', power and profits have led our world into an era of human experience where our risk is no longer wether we will survive, but if those in the generations to come will have a fair chance at the same life we are living.
We have witnessed more development in our life time than at any other point in human history. However, in pursuit of our beloved 'progress', we have undermined the morals that define us - so what good is our progress then?
Over-consumption, spending, production, emissions, the list goes on. An exclusive part of the world holds abundance, the majority struggle, and a small portion works in scarcity to do better in the handover of our world. Those very few early pioneers who have actually been to space and have experienced 'the astronaut overview' in witnessing the fragility of our planet, understand that this is it. There is no Planet B.
We seek to provide the 'astronaut overview' for all of our pilots in the Pozzle universe, by creating a world in which global positive impact drives the prosperity of our planet. We look to turn the scales of power to those who wish to leave the planet a little better than how you got it.
Pozzle Planet exists for the people, planet, flora, fauna and all in between.

Individual actions to create change

Today, there's often no incentive for individuals to hold themselves back from taking too much.
We've forgotten that we are part of a whole that is connected. The common benefit benefits us all individually, while the individual benefit can harm us all in common. Through our actions, we are not acknowledging that our pursuit of personal gain leads to negative impact on Planet Earth, which in turn is to all of our detriment.
We all know that the current system is not sustainable. It is rigged up in such a way that it motivates some individuals to neglect the welfare of society in pursuit of personal gain. On top of this, many of us are practically forced to prioritise "bad" choices or individual actions which seem insignificant at our individual level, but overall are adding up to en masse destruction of the planet and vast inequalities.
But what if technology had evolved to the point of giving us a way to change the rules of the game?

First problem to solve: the 'Values-Action Gap'

The good news is, not everyone wants things to be the way they are now (way off track, that is..). Of course, no one really wants to do harm overall through our own individual actions. But unfortunately we are living the ramifications of a phenomena called the Values-Action gap, where there is an
"..observed disparity between people's reported concerns about key environmental, social, economic or ethical concerns and the lifestyle or purchasing decisions that they make in practice."
It means that even though we give a damn about all these things like climate change, pollution, poverty, health, our waterways, we still make choices or take individual actions that prioritise 'me' over 'we'. The compounding negative impact of all of us who are making these choices is undeniably wrecking our world, whether it be out of sheer necessity to survive or if you're lucky enough to be further up Maslow's Pyramid of Needs and making these choices for your own gain, or perhaps it was just more convenient in the moment to grab that takeaway plastic packaging (sound familiar?).
Fortunately, this glass is actually half full, because the persistence of this values-action gap has actually amounted to an enormous build up of untapped potential to act for the better, building up and up and up from our values and desires to "do good". You can feel it now, you want things to be better and feel willing to act upon that desire. So what's stopping us? What can tip me over the edge to do those little things slightly differently?

Leveraging the Ripple Effect

Luckily, research has showed us that individual actions have a really important ripple effect. Your actions have the power to affect the behaviours of everyone in your immediate vicinity. So the small actions you take, even on the low-down, are likely multiplying without you even realising it.
This is because humans copy the behaviours of other humans around them through a process called diffusion.
Essentially, it is a process of social change in which elements of culture spread from one society or social group to another. It is a process where a social phenomena spreads in groups in a virus-like manner, starting off within more intimate social relations like friends and family, to then spread to wider social networks such as schools or workplaces.
Things that spread through social diffusion include ideas, values, concepts, knowledge, practices, behaviours, materials, and symbols.
"..when you’re designing for social change, you want to design your project in a way that hooks into the deeply social nature of our being to imitate others. It means that instead of putting all your efforts into approaches to influence people such as pushing facts, using fear-based messages, or trying to pass more legislation, you can allocate some energy to simply showing people by example what you want them to do."
Katie Patrick, How To Save The World, p 296, 2019
So individual actions do collectively form the social norms, but social norms can change through this diffusion process of spreading changes in individual actions. And technology-enabled digital platforms can be engineered to amplify this 'in-built' social engine of the brain. We are all witness to the power of social media to spread this diffusion (for good or for bad). Pozzle Planet, applying a tech-for-good philosophy, is a social platform engineered to leverage the ripple effects of individual actions to rapidly spread positive overall outcomes and impact.

So what's still missing? The spark ⚑

Whilst social platforms provide the medium for diffusion and spreading norms, they don't solve the problem of which behaviours or norms 'good vs. bad' are the ones being spread the most. Moreover, the current state of social media encourages a more passive behaviour of content consumption (again with the consumption!) over conversion into action. The missing element is a tangible incentive mechanism that can make doing the good actions worth more than the bad. A spark in the brain that can make people spring off that couch to take an action, or get out of that doom-scroll to do something about it, or even just make a tiny little different choice the next time they are faced with receiving that plastic takeaway cup. But what is this magical alien mineral that could provide this kind of power?

Earth currency - the blockchain's first miracle of the commons

Coins. Money. We respond to it. We desire it. It's a fact. So let's wield it instead of fighting it.
What if we could create a coin that values good actions over bad. A coin that provides incentives and rewards (i.e. incentive for personal gain) for people to do things that does not harm earth or each other, but helps the world to become better. What if this coin became so attractive that everyone wanted it, and at the same time this coin could only be spent on doing good?
Enter $POZ
Blockchain technology has now enabled us to design and materialise a coin that can steer individual actions in a direction of the common good. A cryptocurrency that becomes "Earth currency".
Through the Pozzle Planet game app, $POZ gives value to everyday activities by everyday people that make our (real) world a better place. Any activity that can have a real-life positive impact on a moment, a day, a life, the planet, or the world around us, is rewarded with $POZ.
Hence, we proclaim the power to change the game is here. We now have all the necessary ingredients: a way to incentivise good actions over bad, and a common place to accelerate social diffusion and create tipping points for systemic change and social norms.
The POZ coin presents a revolutionary opportunity to interlink individual benefit with collective benefit, where both could finally be in sync, instead of at odds with each other.
And finally, whilst we are on the precipice of the broader onset of the Metaverse, then why not a Pozzleverse, instead. A universe of positive social and environmental impact, that sparks joy, powered by POZitivity. A fantastical digital world that exists to preserve the real-world's wonders and create prosperity for the planet and all of us in it.

Additional Reading

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We at Pozzle Planet believe in the power of individual actions to create change. For ongoing publications about our mission, written by the Pozzle Planet team and contributors, you can subscribe to our Blog​
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