Our Impact
Have you considered that your actions create ripples?

Individual actions create change

Our north star is individual actions create change.
Our aim is to mobilise billions of individual small actions that add up to create tipping points for system change. Our community is using their creativity to intervene with the world and help others to do tangible actions. The 'ripple effect' is how we will succeed. We inspire or help the person next to us, then the person next to them, then they influence the person next to them, and the person next to them. And so it goes.
The Pozzle Planet app inspires and rewards people to do simple, bite-sized everyday actions that make the world a better place, including sometimes spending with the world's most trusted sustainable brands and organisations that are endorsed our trusted community members. We believe the most effective way to mobilise people to save the world is to have fun while doing it!
Pozzle Planet is a tech-based impact start-up that aims to mainstream and contribute to the adoption of sustainability. We have been founded with a fierce eagerness to make an impactful change towards accelerating sustainability, reducing inequalities and combating climate change.

Impact measurement: its the 'doing' that counts

Pozzle Planet is a video-based app that motivates and incentivises users to do positive actions and join activities via video, rewarding them with $POZ tokens, as well as NFT ownership.
This drives impact in 3 main ways:
  1. 1.
    Direct impact via additive individual actions e.g. saving water, avoiding carbon emissions, planting trees, reducing plastic consumption etc.
  2. 2.
    In-direct through ripple effects: where doing one action increases the probability to do the action again and/or take another related action
  3. 3.
    Economic impact through crypto-earnings: by providing income opportunities that are highly accessible to the 99% not just the 1%, we are aspiring to reduce wealth inequalities.
How the impact is accounted for will depend on the Pozzles (video-activities) people will be partaking in. In other words the actions they take and document via video. Once the social engine is up and running (people doing and documenting video-activities at scale) it will be possible to start implementing more advanced methods of measurement. For example 1:1 unit-based measurements on an activity basis or through purchasing of x product etc.
Figuring out the impact of a Pozzle will also be an in-game activity. We will be forming sub-communities with special in-app status of domain experts who verify the premise and theory of change behind the actions and Pozzles, i.e. contributing the maths 'crunch 2 earn'.
How do you subscribe the quantifiable value of an individual participating in a climate march? That is a hard one, but we'll start out with our first principle = youโ€™ll get rewarded for showing up and getting others to join you.
Let's mobilise. From little things, big things grow.
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