Pozzle Planet's Whitepaper v1.0
The only digital world built by taking action in the real world, Pozzle $Planet is a social-game app that enables players & friends to join activities via video that make a real-life positive impact here on Planet Earth, whilst at the same time earning $POZ tokens and generating a PozzleVerse full of unique NFTs called Pozzles.
We are currently in our Pre-Season, which means an early stage of Pozzle Planet where we are running initiatives that lead up to the full launch of the Pozzle Planet app to App Store and Google Play in early 2022.
We'd like to extend a special thanks to our Guild members for their ongoing contributions to the Whitepaper.
💡Please leave your comments throughout the Whitepaper. We highly value thoughtful feedback and will incorporate it where relevant.


This digital Whitepaper exists to shine a light on why Pozzle Planet exists, how the Pozzle Planet app will work, the $POZ token and the tokenomics behind, how we intend to govern the project, and how people can join and contribute, and more.
Got questions? Contact Pozzle Planet co-founder Thomas at [email protected]
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