$POZ Tokenomics
$POZ flows from its origin of being mined as a function of the amount of Pozzles being created. When released it flows into a largely self-contained but growing circuit, fuelling an ecosystem of continuous value-creation and natural economic expansion, with the balance of $POZ in the system managed by the Protocol to ensure ongoing price-stability and steady growth.
The ‘productivity’ of this economy is represented in the size of the Pozzleverse and the rate of Pozzle creation, those things being the visual display and universal “progress bar” of POZitive impact-made.
$POZ Tokenomics

How it works:

  1. 1.
    $POZ is mined into existence by the participants of the Pozzle Planet game-app, who ‘impact-2-earn’ $POZ by doing activities via video that make a POZitive impact.
  2. 2.
    The activities of the $POZ miners generate ‘Pozzles’, which are the land parcel NFTs that make up Pozzle Planets. Every action creates a Pozzle that is added to a Pozzle Planet.
  3. 3.
    Pozzles are embedded with impact-token sets when Pozzles are minted, they are simultaneously nested with a set of impact-tokens from the Pozzle Treasury, giving them a set of assets that represent impact-units in real-life
  4. 4.
    $POZ is purchased by Bonders in exchange for impact-tokens that pass through the Pozzle Treasury to the Pozzles
  5. 5.
    Pozzle Treasury operates an expanding portfolio to generate multiple income streams in order to acquire more impact-tokens to pay Stakers and redistribute new value-creation as impact-yields ‘IPY’
  6. 6.
    Stake-to-Impact $POZ is staked to earn Pozzles $POZ stakers earn APR and Pozzle NFTs that produce compounding 'IPY' Impact-Yields, giving more Pozzles with additional impact-token sets
  7. 7.
    Pozzle Protocol manages the balance of the system by limiting supply and yields in line with impact & value-creation
  8. 8.
    Pozzles can be traded on the Pozzle Marketplace which generates fees and revenue for the Treasury
  9. 9.
    ‘Token Friends’ participate in the Pozzle Protocol through token swaps and other DAO2DAO deals & initiatives, increasing the Treasury’s acquisition power for impact-tokens
  10. 10.
    $POZ expands as a cryptocurrency in the mainstream economy, through adoption of POZ via dApps on the Greenchain, as well as enabling $POZ for purchases via merchants IRL & the metaverse
  11. 11.
    Greenchain accelerates value-creation by providing grants (in terms of $GREEN) to incentivise developers to develop dApps on Greenchain, further expanding the ecosystem

How is $POZ distributed?

$POZ is mined at a rate determined by the Protocol and once available it is then distributed into % buckets. The primary focus of the token distribution is incentivising our pioneering 'impact-to-earn' model, which is a spin on 'play-to-earn' that pegs the earning incentives to real-life impact made through individuals actions in a game-like context.
In addition, the ‘build-to-earn’ incentives for the Pozzle Guild & DAO contributors are a major part in order to expand the Pozzleverse eco-system through as many formats, channels and contributions as possible, which correspondingly increases our POZitive impact to people and planet.
The $POZ token will be distributed to the following areas in support of the growth of the Pozzle Planet ecosystem:
$POZ supply distribution (post-mining)
  • Impact-to-Earn: rewards for in-app/in-game activities that make a positive impact
  • Build-to-Earn: incentives for those building & operating the Pozzleverse ecosystem including areas such as blockchain, development, design, art, economics, creative and community growth
  • Treasury: the distribution to the Treasury will be used to create PoL and the initial pool for the treasury to operate, as well as used to increase economic value of the $POZ token and provide rewards for the community
  • Fundraising: token sales to fund operations, liquidity and expansion
  • Founding team: the founders are the core participants of the DAO and administrators of the token/protocol until the community is strong enough to sufficiently decentralize in the future
Excess $POZ that is not being utilised in certain buckets (for example unused Fundraising allocation) may be re-distributed by the Treasury on an as-needs basis to support & incentivise community participation and growth of the Pozzleverse and the Pozzle economy. Decisions in the Treasury will be gradually decentralised when sufficient level of $POZ token holders is reached, at which time the Treasury will move to a governance voting mechanism. In the meantime, the Treasury is lead and managed by the DAO core & extended Treasury team. More information on how the Treasury is managed is available here.
Vesting & lockup periods apply to Build-2-earn, Fundraising & Founding Team allocations. Build-2-earn lockups & vesting vary depending on the nature of the scope, often in the range of 6 -24 months linear vesting with a min. 1 month cliff for early contributors. Fundraising lockups will in most cases have a minimum 1 year lockup with 24 months linear vesting.
Members of the Founding Team have a 2 year lock-up period from 1st October 2021, with subsequent linear vesting over 2 years thereafter.
Founding Team - Lockup Schedule
It's important to note that the locked $POZ and vesting is 'only' a % of the mined supply, and not total supply. Therefore due to the smart design of the $POZ mining model, the Founding Team is undoubtedly incentivised to grow the economic demand for $POZ and the token's value first and foremost, which primarily benefits the Pozzle Planet ecosystem and $POZ holders. If the $POZ mining is low then the Founder's vesting will also be correspondingly low, placing a natural incentive for the Founders to make Pozzle Planet a complete success especially in terms of its most fundamental aspects, such as creating its demand source for the mining, through uptake of the currency in the mainstream and Earth economy.