$POZ Tokenomics
$POZ is meaningfully engineered based on a set of principles and mechanics that govern the circulation of $POZ via the Pozzle Protocol, with the intention to minimise volatility and maintain steady price growth, and impact, over the long term.
$POZ Tokenomics System
$POZ is an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 1 billion.
$POZ flows from its origin of being mined as a function of the amount of Pozzles being created. When released it flows into a largely self-contained but growing circuit, fuelling an ecosystem of continuous value-creation and natural economic expansion, with the balance of $POZ in the system managed by the Protocol to ensure ongoing price-stability and steady growth.


$POZ is engineered for longevity and sustainable growth in value, through a tokenomics system with four core pillars:
$POZ Tokenomics Core Mechanics

Mining: Proof of Impact

$POZ is mined through our ‘Proof of Impact’ protocol, via the validated actions of users on the Pozzle Planet mobile app. $POZ is mined at a rate that is a function of the number of Pozzles created, meaning that if mining is occurring, then it is a result of participants using the ecosystem which gives value to $POZ.
As the amount of POZ mined is dependent on the activity levels of the participants using the Pozzle Planet mobile game-app, then the release of $POZ into circulation is thereby correlated with the increased utilisation of $POZ.
Hence, $POZ mining is inextricably linked to growth in value & impact.

Utility: Mainstream Money

$POZ use cases via in-app spending, as well as the expansion of ‘POZPay’ to planet-positive merchants IRL and in the metaverse.
The most noteworthy spending feature in the mobile-app is our cornerstone feature called ‘POZ Pledging’, a function where individuals & organisations can pledge $POZ to boost the earning incentives for people to join the activities that they care about. This provides an entry to the $POZ circuit for organisations looking to transition and obtain Web 3.0 brand-power in the impact space and beyond.

Staking: Community Rewards & Incentivised Lockups

Staking $POZ tokens unlocks 'Pozzles' which give you access to the community yield rewards.
When $POZ is staked there is a lockup for a given period of time (14 / 30 / 60 / 90 / 180 days). By providing a healthy community rewards model for staking $POZ, we encourage users to stake $POZ for longer durations, which helps reduce the amount of $POZ in circulation and mitigate some sell pressure.

Concentrated Liquidity: Price Regulation

$POZ price is regulated by our Protocol-controlled concentrated liquidity w/100% backed rising floor. The $POZ backing reserve is self-sustainable and funded by fees generated through the trading of $POZ. The liquidity is focused to a specific area of the LP curve and creates a 'buy wall', which in turn forces a price floor.
The purpose of Pozzle Planet's concentrated liquidity curve is to provide more certainty of outcomes (floor price) for our community of mainstream users, so that at any time all $POZ tokens in circulation can be redeemed at the floor price. This will bring comfort to new users and far greater adoption of $POZ.