$POZ Pre-Sales

How can I get in now?

$POZ is your ticket to enter the circuit.
There are 3 ways to get access to $POZ in our Pre-Season:

1. Earn $POZ by completing B2E Build-2-Earn missions

Pozzle Planet has a Guild consisting of software developers, blockchain engineers, crypto & DeFi specialists, game-builders, designers, creators and universe-makers who are daily contributors or completing one-off missions.
There are currently 30+ core daily contributors who have $POZ vesting smart contracts in place as remuneration for ongoing Build-2-Earn missions that significantly contribute to building the Pozzle ecosystem.

2. Invest in $POZ through NFT pre-sales and earn APR

An allocation of $POZ has been made available for early investors, in order to fund expansion of the DAO operations, as well as initial liquidity for $POZ and the Greenchain. Investors access $POZ pre-sales in 2 formats:

A) Pozzle Astro NFT sales with ‘POZ Power Packs’ (Target 600 ETH = 600,000 $POZ)

22x Pozzle Astro NFTs to be auctioned, 1 per day over 22 days. Each NFT purchase comes with a linked ‘$POZ Power Pack’ smart contract, with a starting price of 1.0 ETH per 1,000 $POZ which increases incrementally each day of the auctions. The first Astro has a ETH > $POZ conversion price of 1.0 ETH per 1,000 $POZ, meaning if you purchase the Astro for 4.65 ETH, you will receive 4,650 $POZ. For all information on the $POZ token pre-sales please read our article:

B) Greenlisting for token pre-sales exclusives

The ‘Space Race 2500’ campaign is a green-listing promotion via our Discord, for access to the Pozzle Space Station.
To be green-listed and enter the Pozzle Space Station, you must hold a Pozzle Astro NFT, which can only be acquired by:

3. LBP Liquidity Bootstrap Pool

Our ‘POL’ Protocol-owned Liquidity model will be initially funded through pre-sales & liquidity bootstrapping event to create an LBP, then via. Bonding & ‘fastPOZ’ (purchases & quick-swaps) via the Pozzle Planet mobile-app.
The LBP is planned for the Jun-2022. Green-listed members are expected to get access to any unsold or a certain distribution of $POZ with most favoured pricing.

Why should I buy $POZ now?

ROI from first access to $POZ: Get $POZ now which is currently not available for sale elsewhere, but will be in high demand when the roadmap reaches Protocol GO LIVE and launch of the Pozzle Planet mobile-app to App Store & Google Play in Q2-22, with further demand increasing when the Pozzle Marketplace and Greenchain launches in H2-22.
Get in before the mining starts as when the Pozzle protocol goes LIVE, the only way to get $POZ will be to either earn it or bond it, or seek it from the market, and the supply for bonding is strictly limited by our mining model in the Protocol.
The volume you can get in pre-sale is expected to be much higher relatively to post-Protocol availability, as the more $POZ is mined, the more it’s mining rate is going to fractionalise according to a mathematical ratio.
Early fixed APR at a "pre-Protocol" fixed rate is intended to strongly incentivise early buyers. When the Protocol is LIVE your APR will switch over to the Protocol model with 'everyone', so the earlier you get now the more POZ you will squeeze out before the Protocol GO LIVE.

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For more information on $POZ pre-sales please read our latest Medium article:
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