$POZ Fundamentals

What is $POZ?

$POZ is the primary currency of all things Pozzle Planet, the Pozzleverse and Pozzle economy.
$POZ is an ERC-20 token that is migrating onto Pozzle Planet’s very own Greenchain ($GREEN), a new carbon-negative blockchain built on the Cosmos network and uses the IBC for links to other networks, with the purpose of increasing mainstream adoption of $POZ through dApps on the Greenchain, as well as providing $GREEN fees to the Pozzle Planet Treasury for distribution to $POZ stakeholders.
$POZ exists to mobilise and incentivise global participation of individuals & organisations in ‘planet-POZitive’ behaviours, whilst at the same time growing a vast on-chain market for measurable units of POZitive impact on Planet Earth. $POZ is widely accessible as individuals all across the world can ‘impact-2-earn’ $POZ simply by participating in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app.
Participants can earn $POZ by exhibiting planet POZitive behaviour such as saving energy at home, commuting via public transport, speaking up for equality in the workplace, buying secondhand, DIY ‘Do it yourself’, buying local, ‘meat-free Mondays’ and so on. The ‘everyday-life’ nature of the participation in Pozzle Planet creates vast financial inclusion for participants whilst encouraging planet-friendly behaviour.
Organisations and large institutions can purchase large quantities of $POZ to run their own incentive schemes via Pozzle Planet’s ‘POZ pledging’ function, which is a way to incentive individuals and groups to join in on certain activities in line with their CSR strategies for example reducing energy use, going plastic neutral, limiting their GHG emissions and overall environmental impact, community well-being etc.
We call $POZ the ‘planet-POZitive’ currency, because $POZ is truly engineered to grow more valuable with the more POZitive impact we create. Hence the applications of $POZ are ever-expanding upon the infinite potential of human power to do good.

Roadmap: What can I do with $POZ?

$POZ has a comprehensive roadmap of utility and rewards incentives in the Pozzle universe for further economic applications IRL & the wider metaverse.


  • Earn $POZ by completing B2E missions in the DAO
  • Invest in $POZ through pre-sales and earn APR


  • Earn & spend $POZ in the Pozzle Planet mobile game-app
  • Stake $POZ to earn Pozzles & shares of the Pozzle Treasury
  • Stake $POZ to gain impact-tokens while earning APR
  • Trade $POZ on decentralized exchanges


  • Spend $POZ to buy Pozzles in the Pozzle NFT marketplace
  • $POZ Governance introduced, such as voting on impact-token acquisition


  • Spend/redeem $POZ for purchases with merchants IRL/metaverse
  • Utilise $POZ in other dApps on the Greenchain Adopt $POZ-as-a-service for your DAO
Beyond 2022, $POZ aims to become:
For everyday people: the primary cryptocurrency of the mainstream ‘impact-generation’, where even just by using $POZ as your ‘everyday’ cryptocurrency you are connecting your actions to a larger machine helping make the world a better place, preserving the planet, and spreading POZitivity.
For investors & organisations: the primary cryptocurrency in the environmental and impact space, where brands and dApps would be able to improve their environmental footprint and contribute to social impact by participating and gaining exposure to $POZ and Pozzle Planets.

Roadmap: How does $POZ have value?

$POZ is real access to the Treasury, combined with being an easy access route to impact-investing as well as gaining ever-expanding utility & applications in its underlying economy.
  • Demand Roadmap: $POZ has natural sources of demand from it’s own ecosystem. In the short term, accruing $POZ is a way to be part of a social change platform where you gradually become a partial owner. Over the mid-term, the utility becomes the currency of the Pozzlverse, where organisations and ‘POZ entrepreneurs’ bring additional games and products to be built in the Pozzlverse both by Pozzle Planet and 3rd parties.
  • Ownership: The ownership of space within the Pozzleverse as well as the ability to participate in other games and engage with real life businesses through the Pozzleverse is all going to be done through $POZ. It’s an ‘inter-planetary’ currency where demand comes from anyone who wants to be an owner of a Pozzle Planet or an owner in the Pozzleverse.
  • Utility: $POZ is a utility token in the Pozzle universe for gaining certain rewards as well being the sole-currency for exclusive purchases in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app and Pozzle NFT marketplace. Using it as a means of trade within the expanding Pozzleverse economy gives it increasing purchasing power over time.
  • Impact investing: By linking $POZ as an access route to impact-tokens, $POZ is also an investing solution for people looking to create returns as well as have environmental offset or social impact. Its an easy way for people to get exposed to a basket of impact-tokens while still earning an APR. In addition, the $POZ roadmap contains a model for "risk free investing", where your investment would be forever redeemable 1-1 but the Treasury uses the profits generated to buy impact tokens and create IRL change.
  • Underlying economy: $POZ expands its economic reach through the adoption of $POZ in other DAOs and dApps on the Greenchain, as well as becoming an everyday currency for ‘planet-POZitive’ purchases at outlets IRL & in the metaverse.
  • Treasury access: Initially the Treasury has a function of acquiring impact tokens and steady growth. After migration of $POZ onto the new Greenchain, fees from our Greenchain ($GREEN) and profits from the Pozzle marketplace are directed to pay stakers. The money generated from the NFT sales of the Pozzle Planets are used by the Treasury to generate income, and these profits can be used to buy $POZ at market price and then distribute to stakers. This way there is no inflation on the tokenomics. APY comes from real value creation so it never has inflationary effects.

Stake-to-Impact: Why is $POZ staking innovative?

$POZ that is staked gradually converts to Pozzles, shifting your yielding position from POZ APR to Pozzle IPY over time. This model ensures that the stakers are automatically diversifying their $POZ exposure by transitioning to a base-value made up of impact-token assets. Essentially, by staking $POZ you are buying into Pozzles. When staked $POZ is converted into Pozzles, the converted $POZ is used by the Treasury in various ways including to acquire impact tokens and expand positions in yield-generating impact-protocols.
$POZ Staking: A non-dilutive system that converts $POZ to impact-yielding Pozzles that generate IPY%
The Pozzleverse is the limit - as it grows, so will your impact basket.
Aside from the excitement of anticipating which token sets you’ll automatically be accruing next, we expect this model to produce 2 key benefits:
  1. 1.
    Economies of scale: Impact-tokens are acquired by the Treasury using economies of scale and therefore distributed to stakers at a discount vs. acquiring themselves via the market
  2. 2.
    Pozzle IPY: the faster you convert your POZ to Pozzle IPY, the greater your compounding yields
To ensure the staking process is understandable for the participant, $POZ makes use of a gamified staking experience, which provides visualisations of your locked positions and Pozzle holdings in the form of tradable NFTs.

What pricing mechanics are in place for $POZ?

$POZ is meaningfully engineered based on a set of principles and mechanics that govern the circulation of $POZ via the Pozzle Protocol, with the intention to minimise volatility and maintain steady price growth, and impact over the long term.

$POZ mining is inextricably linked to growth in value & impact

$POZ is mined at a rate that is a function of the number of Pozzles created, meaning that participants are using the system which gives value to $POZ, in order to mine it. Since the number of Pozzles created is dependent on the activity-rate of the participants using the Pozzle Planet mobile game-app, then the release of $POZ into circulation is thereby correlated with the increased utilisation of $POZ via the game universe.
Spending, pledging, staking and earning of $POZ are all $POZ demand drivers that are part of the process required to be carried out to create Pozzles. In other words, to mine $POZ, we first need to utilise the $POZ in existence which makes it more valuable, and hence creates a natural demand for more of it.

$POZ bonding capacity limits

The Protocol will never be able to grossly oversupply the market through bonding. The bonding capacity of $POZ is limited by the Protocol mining, and bonding capacity is limited to a % of mined $POZ. This puts natural limits on what the bonding capacities are for releasing $POZ into circulation.

$POZ ‘Safe Price Premium’

The OTC (‘Over the Counter’) price of $POZ for bonding is a ‘ground-up’ model where the OTC price is always a safe premium (multiplier) added to the base ‘realisable Pozzle asset value’ of $POZ. Where the ‘realisable Pozzle asset value’ is a reference to the conversion of $POZ to Pozzles, with Pozzles being the vehicle that contain impact-tokens that represent the minimum Pozzle asset value.
If the market price of $POZ starts to spike too far away from the realisable minimum asset value, this model will strongly disentivice buying from the market by keeping the OTC price point much lower than market, therefore protecting POZ investors from paying dearly for any temporary hype.

$POZ incentivised lockups

$POZ is staked and locked for a given period of time (14 / 30 / 60 / 90 / 180 days). The longer the lockup period, the faster the rewards accumulated. The locked position gives an NFT representing the position-tier which can be visualised in your wallet when connected to the Pozzle web-app. These locked positions are also tradable on the secondary market for anyone that needs/wants the liquidity.
By incorporating a mix of utility with locking and the power of POL (Protocol-owned Liquidity) to use the Treasury as a means of value creation which is distributed to participants, $POZ is designed to be an asset with staying power when markets are tough. But perhaps the biggest resilience of all, $POZ’s biggest supporter, is it’s continuous demand growth which comes from the expansion of the Pozzle economy.

How will $POZ have long-term economic sustainability?

$POZ’s value in terms of price, purchasing power and impact is able to continuously grow as it has a natural source of primary demand coming from its underlying economic expansion.
The long term economy for $POZ is sustained by increasing the reach of $POZ through mass adoption of ‘impact-2-earn’ in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app, giving economic access to millions of everyday people, followed by adoption of $POZ as the primary token & currency for 1,000s of impact-focused dApps being built on the Greenchain, and then spreading into widespread adoption of $POZ as an everyday ‘planet-POZitive’ cryptocurrency, available at IRL & metaverse merchants for purchasing with $POZ.

How does the Pozzle Planet mobile-app play a role?

The vision of the Pozzle Planet mobile-app is to onboard 2 billion mainstream social-app users from web 2.0 to become adopters of $POZ as their primary crypto and users of the Greenchain.
Participating in this social-game is an aspirational experience that mobilises everyday people and spreads ‘planet-POZitive’ behaviours & actions throughout the world IRL and in the metaverse, by using the proven ‘social engine’ medium of social video.
Although many Pozzle Planet participants are incentivised to earn significant returns on their efforts through $POZ, many will participate for the social phenomena: fun, the social community, and the purpose. Before $POZ was introduced, the social engine inside the Pozzle Planet app was beta-tested ‘stand alone’ without incentives over a 5 month period, and proved its innovative design for motivating POZitive behaviours in a video-based social environment could increase the conversion of participation from passive to active by over 50%. This means that the Pozzle Planet app is already fun & meaningful for participants, even without the crypto..

What special utility for $POZ does the mobile-app feature?

The Pozzle Planet mobile-app has many levers for $POZ utilisation (and therefore demand). The most noteworthy being a new cornerstone feature called ‘POZ Pledging’, a function where individuals & organisations can pledge $POZ to boost the earning incentives for people to join the activities that they care about. This provides an entry to the $POZ circuit for organisations looking to transition and obtain Web 3.0 brand-power in the impact space and beyond.
$POZ pledging creates a market where on one hand we have people who are buying $POZ in order to pledge $POZ in the game. Imagine "I'm Coca Cola I will pledge 10 $POZ if you pick up six cans", or "I'm Beyonce and I think you should all start the day dancing for mental health, show me your moves and I will pledge 1,000 $POZ". When those participants buy $POZ to do $POZ pledging, then we create demand for $POZ and then $POZ automatically becomes valuable.
This makes $POZ pledging an overarching tool to link POZitivity on Earth in a tangible visible digital universe. There will be parties, individuals or organizations, who want to see more POZitivity in the real world and are willing to reward Pozzlers for creating that, therefore re-imagining the relationships amongst organizations, brands, citizens, and sustainable actions.