Pozzle Planet mobile-app
Pozzle Planet provides simple onboarding to the crypto space with our first flagship platform - the Pozzle Planet mobile-app on App Store & Google Play.
The platform provides an ‘impact-2-earn’ social-game app where players and friends are rewarded with $POZ by doing activities together documented on video to create tradable ‘impact-yielding’ NFTs called ‘Pozzles’.
This is how we turn a small deed captured on video into an impactful NFT.
Pozzle Planet mobile-app: Creating 'Pozzle' videos to earn $POZ
Imagine you decide to eat one extra vegetarian meal this week and you chose to share this act as a video clip on the Pozzle Planet network. Instead of getting lost on a video feed like Instagram or TikTok, we tokenise your efforts as 'proof of impact'.
Now imagine thousands of others doing that same thing in an effort to promote sustainability. All these acts of impact we turn into 'Pozzles', each representing a piece of a planet. Once we have a set amount of pieces a Pozzle Planet NFT is formed.
This Pozzle Planet now represents thousands of people trying to promote a good cause, and we believe their efforts should be added to a bigger display of progress. Turning them into NFTs provides value to the organizations or movements that look to promote causes that require participation of the people to solve.
"One small act of impact for a human being, one giant leap of impact for planet Earth."
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