Greenchain is Pozzle Planet's own carbon-negative blockchain.

$POZ adoption via dApps

The purpose of Greenchain is to increase mainstream adoption of $POZ through dApps on the Greenchain, as well as providing $GREEN fees to the Pozzle Planet Treasury for distribution to $POZ stakeholders.
Beyond 2022 and the initial impact-to-earn model, we will be expanding the mobile app to have more ways of earning, spending and expand scope of what "impact" should contain. Given that we are intending to build Greenchain, we will also have our first decentralized app on Greenchain, which will initially most likely be a AMM/DEX for Greenchain's own native coins (there will be at least 3 native coins on Greenchain, including $GREEN).
$GREEN fees as an input to $POZ Staking rewards (IPY)
Naturally, there will be NFTs and NFT marketplace on Greenchain. We need our NFTs to be (a) evolutionary, (b) utility-backed, and (c) gamification possible
$POZ will become native to Greenchain. Once Greenchain is built, we will migrate it, and then we should have more utility for $POZ. This will also create synergy and utility for other native coins on Pozzle Planet.
Greenchain will be built on Cosmos Tendermint SDK, and is fully compatible with Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to connect to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Greenchain Roadmap

End 2022
Greenchain Testnet 1:Inviting validators to participate in Testnet 1
End Q1 to Q2 2023
Greenchain Incentivized Testnet; Expansion of GameFi features on Pozzle Planet Mobile App
Q3 2023
Greenchain Mainnet
Q3 2023
Invitation to Developers - Grant Programs for developing on Greenchain
Q4 2023
Awarding of Grants to Developers Launch of AMM on Greenchain
2024 and beyond
Development of other protocols on Greenchain, including Desktop GameFi and NFTs/NFT Marketplaces