Pozzle Planet


Pozzle Planet is an Impact-2-Earn mobile-app and protocol where users earn $POZ by joining and sharing POZitive actions via video.
Pozzle Planet mobile-app: Discover, view and join activities to get rewarded with $POZ
Pozzle Planet’s mission is to SPREAD POZITIVITY.
We do this by rewarding planet-positive actions with $POZ.
$POZ aims to be the first planet-positive crypto to reach mainstream adoption by everyday people and universally accessed via Impact-2-Earn. Pozzle Planet provides simple onboarding to crypto with our flagship Pozzle Planet mobile-app on App Store & Google Play.


Each transaction starts with someone creating positive value in the world.
Pozzle Planet mobile-app: Users creating positive impacts that are minted as Pozzle NFTs
Positive value is represented in our $POZ token and is converted into ‘Pozzles’ by the protocol. Pozzles are NFTs that contain impact tokens (Impact²) which represent measurable impact units from the real world.
As more Pozzles are created by the positive actions of participants, Pozzle Planets are generated in the Pozzleverse, creating a visual ‘progress bar’ for real-world planet-positive impact.


$POZ is universally accessible to individuals all across the world who can 'impact-2-earn' simply by participating in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app. $POZ mobilises global participation of individuals & organisations collectively in planet-positive behaviours.
Participants can earn $POZ by exhibiting planet-positive behaviour such as saving energy at home, commuting via public transport, speaking up for equality in the workplace, buying secondhand, DIY 'Do it yourself', buying local, 'meat-free Mondays' and so on. The 'everyday-life' ethos of the participation in Pozzle Planet creates vast financial inclusion for participants whilst encouraging planet-friendly behaviour.
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